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Coaching Day at Red Kite Archers on 25th January 2009
Although we will be shooting as normal on Friday 23/01/09 at Dolau, the Sunday afternoon shoot has been cancelled. All members wishing to attend the coaching course at Caersws should be there before 10am. The course will be 4 hours and will cost £5 per person up to a maximum of £10 per family to cover the cost of the hall. At 3pm there will be a 2 hour shoot.

You are welcome to attend the shoot and avoid the coaching if you wish.

We do not know what the shooting fees are so bring some spare change.

For those of you wishing to attend both the course and the shoot, please note there are no refreshments available - please bring your own.

Roger Davies will, if required, demonstrate string making and will be doing video analysis of archers techniques throughout the day.

Steph Nash will be demonstrating arrow straightening.

Martin Nash will be demonstrating fletching, nocking and hot melt techniques for fixing piles (the pointy things at the end of an arrow before you all email me back!).

All coaches will also be checking equipment and making sure you know how to tune your bows and arrows effectively.