About Radnor Foresters

Radnor Foresters archery club was formed in 1961 and is based in Llandrindod Wells. For a small club (average membership of 16, and at the most one year 25) the standard has always been very high.

The club has had a men´s Welsh Champion (Reg Pugh), a junior Welsh Champion (Rhodri Curnow), a South Wales Lady Champion (Joan Leek) and three junior South Wales Champions (Roger Davies, Colin Price and Rhodri Curnow). Our most notable member has been Lynne Evans MBE the present Chairman of the G.N.A.S. and ex Olympic team member.

We shoot throughout the year with winter shooting indoors at 20 yards or 18 metres and in the summer outdoors at ranges from 40 yards to 100 yards or 30 metres to 90 metres.

A “round” as it is called is dependant upon the number of arrows shot and at what distance, for example 4 dozen arrows at 60 yards and 2 dozen at 50 yards is called a National, we encourage all members to shoot a variety of  rounds in order to broaden their experience.

Many members travel to tournaments and like to shoot in a competitive environment while others are content with shooting on their home range for the enjoyment of the sport.

Archery is an ideal family sport as juniors and adults all shoot from the same line only at different distances, in some tournaments with a handicap system in place the juniors will often equal or better the adults.

We can provide equipment for initial training and trying the sport, however it is a sport where the equipment needs to be tuned to the archer in order to achieve the best results.

If you would like more information about the Radnor Foresters Archery Club then please use the Contact page to send an e-mail or the details provided on that page to contact us in the traditional manner.
Roger Davies