1. The Club shall be known as "The Radnor Foresters".
2. The purpose of the Club shall be to encourage and maintain the highest standard of sportsmanship in archery and the practice and promotion of archery in its various forms in accordance with the rules of the Grand National Archery Society.
3. The Club shall consist of Chairman, Honorary Treasurer, Honorary Secretary, shooting members and non-shooting associates.
4. Vice-Chairman may be elected at the discretion of the Committee, and shall hold the office for such period as they desire.
5. The management of the Club shall be by Committee elected by vote at the Annual General Meeting.
6. The Committee shall consist of the Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer and three members of the Club, one of whom shall be a lady. The Committee shall have the power to co-opt the Tournament Secretary as required.
7. The accounts of the Club shall be audited annually and submitted to the Annual General Meeting for approval.
8. Club members shall comply with the Constitution and Rules as laid down by the Grand National Archery Society. Members of the Club must affiliate to the County, Region and GNAS.
9. The financial year shall end on 31st January.
10. All assets shall be for the benefit of archery and all funds and assets shall be vested in the Officers of the Club.
11. In the event of the Club being dissolved, all assets shall, after payment of all debts and liabilities be vested in the South and Mid-Powys Archery Association to be held until such time as the Club is reformed. In the event of a deficiency a General Meeting shall decide how this shall be met.
12. All trophies shall remain the undisputed property of the Club and may not be disposed of in any way without the consent of members at a General Meeting.
13. Custodianship of all the Clubs property shall be vested in the Secretary.
14. Changes in the Constitution can only be made at the Annual General Meeting. Any amendment must be sent to the Secretary at least fourteen days before the meeting for inclusion in the Agenda. Any such change duly approved shall be in force as from that meeting.
15. Cheques drawn on the Club Account must be signed by both the Treasurer and one other designated Club Official.
16. The Radnor Foresters can have a school archery club affiliated to it if it so wishes.
17. The Club may elect Honorary Members. Such appointments to be made at the Annual General Meeting after 14 days written notice has been given to the Secretary, and no more than 4 Honorary Members may be elected to the club. Honorary Members to be entitled to attend Club Meetings, participate in Club Events and to hold one vote.


1. The Annual General Meeting will be held in the month of February or March when officers, with the exception of the Chairman, and committee members will be elected and changes of Constitution made. A further General Meeting will be held in September or October when the Chairman will be elected. All Club officers must be members of the club.
2. Other meetings may be called as deemed necessary by the Chairman; or at the request of one-third of the voting members.
3. Notice of meetings shall be given at least fourteen days before all Annual General Meetings and ten days before all General Meetings.
4. A quorum shall consist of any three voting members of the Club provided it includes the Chairman, Treasurer or Secretary. The Chairman shall have a casting vote but may withhold this should he/she so desire. An archer who is a member of more than one club in the county shall only vote through the club through which he or she is affiliated to the County and Region.
5. An auditor to be elected annually at the Annual General Meeting.
6. Every member shall pay an annual subscription on the First of April each year, as voted at the Annual General Meeting. If an archer fails to pay his or her membership subscription within two months of the date he or she should receive a warning from the Club. If not paid within fourteen days of the issue of the warning membership will terminate.
7. Junior members shall pay an annual subscription on the first of April each year, to be decided at the Annual General Meeting. Juniors being persons under eighteen years of age, but having voting rights at meetings from the age of sixteen.
8. Visiting archers may shoot by invitation at a fee to be decided by the Committee and payable at the time.
9. Non-shooting members will be accepted for membership of the Club on payment of an annual subscription to be decided at the Annual General Meeting. This will entitle the member to attend Target Days and Social functions and to receive all notices appertaining to the Clubs' activities, and to attend but not to vote at General Meetings.
10. The election of new members shall be in the hands of the Committee.
11. Acceptance for membership shall require:
    (a) Approval by Committee;
    (b) Provision of own tackle after the initial training period;
    (c) Payment of the annual subscription plus affiliation fees.
12. The Committee reserves the right to expel any members of the Club.
13. No junior member may shoot unless accompanied by an adult member.

Last updated 14.03.2002